Dean's Dialogue

June 10 All College Meeting – Recognition + Next Steps

On June 10 the facilitation team provided a recap of the year’s strategic planning work during the 2019-20 academic year, recognizing the work of those involved and highlighting the steps ahead. See the slides from the presentation.

CBE Strategic Plan: Draft #2

CBE faculty, staff and students, On behalf of the Writing Team, we are happy to share the second draft of the CBE Strategic Plan. Thank you for your contributions thus far to help shape this document. If you have any comments or questions, we welcome you to contact a member of the Review Team. The Review Team consists…

CBE Strategic Plan: Draft #1

The following represents a partial first draft of the CBE Strategic Plan (dated 04.20.2020). Part I: Values, Vision, Mission Values CBE will: Take on the most challenging problems facing our planet, society, region, community, institution, college, departments, centers, labs, and degree programs.  Champion equitable practices in our organization, for our people, and in our teaching,…

April 8 All College Meeting – Writing + Review Process

On April 8 Carrie Dossick and Jan Whittington, two members of the Strategic Plan Writing Team, provided an overview of the next phase of the strategic planning process—writing and review. See the slides from their presentation. Strategic Plan Writing Team Renée Cheng Carrie Dossick Erika Harris Jan Whittington with support from Ted Sive and Rico…

Task Groups: Strategies, Actions + Metrics/KPIs

Each Task Group was asked to draft and submit their strategies, actions, metrics/key performance indicators (KPIs) on March 10. This page highlights the work of these Task Groups. You can see their work for deliverable #1 (rationale, research, goals) here. STRATEGY/ACTIONS Develop 3-5 specific action recommendations, each tied to a goal and strategy. How will…

March 11 All College Meeting

Thank you to everyone who joined yesterday (March 11) for our March All College Meeting. Despite the uncertainty in our lives and the unconventional end to the term, over 60 people logged in via Zoom and another dozen practiced social distancing in Gould 110. See links at bottom of this post for slides and other…

Task Groups: Rationale, Research + Scopes

Each Task Group was asked to draft and submit their rationale, research and scope on February 10. This page highlights the work of these Task Groups. You can download a single PDF of all Task Group Deliverable #1 documents here.

February 12 All College Meeting

Members of the College community came together on February 12 for our latest All College Meeting. The agenda started with a brief budget overview and update on the EDI initiative from Dean Renée Cheng. The bulk of the meeting was dedicated to an update on strategic planning. Survey results: Facilitation Team co-chairs, Nick Dreher and…

Task Groups: Universes, Scopes + Narratives

Through Autumn and Winter 2020, eleven Task Groups will be exploring issues central to the College’s operations and identity today and into the future. These Task Groups each framed how they see their topic during a December 11 meeting. See below for each groups narrative description of their work.

Mapping the Universe meeting, December 11, 2019

On December 11, members of each Strategic Planning Task Group and other faculty and staff from across CBE came together for a Mapping the Universe meeting.  Each Task Group has been asked to present their “map of the universe”—their scope of work; the areas they are going to address; and the definitions they are using….

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