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EDI Video Training

May 2020

CBE Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Special Topic Videos

November 2019

Part 1: CBE Initiative on EDI – Context and Strategy

This 25-minute video provides background information on the current CBE initiative on equity, diversity and inclusion. CBE is engaging in a strategic and developmental approach using the IDI to build the College’s intercultural competence in order to achieve its EDI goals.

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Part 2: Intercultural Competence and the IDI

This 40-minute video explains the developmental model of intercultural competency as a strategic approach to achieving equity, diversity and inclusion goals. The IDI psychometric instrument as a measure of intercultural competence is described.

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Part 3: IDI Group Results – CBE’s Level of Intercultural Competence

This 30-minute video presents and explains the CBE’s level of intercultural competence as measured by the IDI. The strengths, tendencies and possible challenge of the College are presented given its results, and developmental tasks are recommended.

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Presentation Slides

Presentation Slides from November 20-23 group IDI sessions

CBE EDI Resources

You can find a full list of CBE EDI reports, presentation materials and videos here.